II Karyokinesis Symposium
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  • Editora UFSC is a gold sponsor of the II Karyokinesis Symposium!

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    The UFSC publisher (EdUFSC) was created by Resolution No. 005 / GR / 1980, on October 30, 1980, and is constituted as an organ linked to the UFSC’s Rectorate Office. In its 40 years of existence, it is recognized in the Brazilian publishing market and has edited around a thousand titles in different areas of knowledge.
    Mission: To contribute to the dissemination of knowledge, through the publication of academic, literary and cultural works, with technical excellence in terms of revision, publishing and printing, with prices accessible to students and the general public, thus fulfilling their social function as editor of a federal public university.
    EdUFSC constitutes itself, throughout its existence, as a university publisher and operates, continuously, in the local and national publishing market. On its website (http://editora.ufsc.br) relevant information about EdUFSC’s activities is available, in addition to access to its catalog and virtual bookstore (https://livraria.ufsc.br/). In addition, EdUFSC offers more than 50 works with free access on its open shelf. Check it out: https://editora.ufsc.br/estante-aberta/

    Source: https://www.abeu.org.br/farol/abeu/catalogo-unificado/sobre/edufsc/53

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  • RIO-RIO is a gold sponsor of the II Karyokinesis Symposium!

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    RIO-RIO is a brand of hand-printed products, through creative processes of engraving and natural dyeing.
    They are inspired by the exuberant nature of Brazil and with the intention of preserving it we transform materials into disuse into new products. They make notebooks, bags and cases so you can express worlds and move ideas.

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  • Arrecife Design & Marketing is a gold sponsor of the II Karyokinesis Symposium!

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    Javier Mizerniuk and Melisa González, Argentine graphic designers created Arrecife Design & Marketing, an agency specialized in Design and Digital Marketing, which was born as an objective, as a necessity and as a proposal for a complete design and communication service.

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