I Karyokinesis Symposium
  • PRLABOR is a gold sponsor of the I Karyokinesis Symposium!

    Publicado em 11/07/2019 às 1:11 pm

    In the modern world, the quest for quality is constant. Daily industries, pharmacies, educational institutions, hospitals and laboratories use equipment, accessories, supplies and reagents to develop their activities. Founded in 2012 in Cascavel/PR, PRLABOR, a company specialized in the distribution of products for laboratories, has won customers in several segments because it knows the importance of working with quality products in a responsible and transparent way. In 2018 their unit in Florianópolis/SC was inaugurated, a city that stands out as a great research center in several areas, and PRLABOR aims to be close to the researchers offering the best for their laboratories.

  • RIO-RIO is supporting the I Karyokinesis Symposium!

    Publicado em 26/06/2019 às 9:54 pm

    Inspired by the flora and fauna of Brazil, in its colors, shapes and movement, RIO-RIO develops unique products with designs and prints of its own to bring out your imagination. Backpacks, bags, cases and notebooks are made manually, using methods such as serigraphy and woodcuts, on a small scale and with limited editions, aiming at low environmental impact production.

  • Alesco is supporting the I Karyokinesis Symposium!

    Publicado em 18/06/2019 às 12:19 pm

    Technology built side-by-side with the researcher. Alesco works tirelessly with researchers to identify their specific needs. Their products are tested in real life situations to ensure both functionality and simplicity. In the end, Alesco’s goal is to help the researcher to stay focused on what really matters: the scientific research. Founded in 1992, Alesco always sought harmony with the researcher. With over 25 years of experience, they won the trust and the respect of their customers. Alesco is proud of being a market leader in Brazil and having their equipment installed in important animal model production centers, animal facilities of experimentation and research institutions in Brazil and abroad. Alesco always tries to follow their mission to “collaborate and contribute to the scientific development of biomedical research by offering high quality products and an excellent service.”

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